BV Land and the joint venture members of Bach Viet Group (BV Group) have just been approved by the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province as the investor in the new urban area west of Dinh Tri, Bac Giang city.

As approved; the Dinh Tri-West New Urban Area has an area of ​​about 12.5 hectares. It is a modern, synchronous urban area that includes housing, public, commercial, service, and technical infrastructures and buildings, as well as social infrastructure.

The infrastructure items include leveling the ground, transportation systems, water supply, rainwater drainage, wastewater drainage, electricity supply and lighting, communications, a green campus, isolated trees, street trees, parking lots (P1, P2, P3), bodies of water (MN.01, MN.02), technical infrastructure system (HTKT1, HTKT2), garbage station (R), sewage sewer line D600 and a booster pump station 7,500m3/ng.d. Housing items include adjacent housing, with an area of 27,399m2 (including 283 lots, of which 39 adjacent apartments are built on average with 5 floors, and a floor area of 21,063.1m2). High-rise social housing plotshave an area of 6,794 m2, corresponding to a residential land density of about 27%.

In particular, the concentrated green land and the water surface is 24,923m2, equivalent to 20% of the total area; the area for traffic and technical infrastructure is 59,161 m2, equivalent to over 47% of the total project area. After completion, the project will meet the needs of more than 1,500 residents with services, utilities, landscape and infrastructure invested according to BV Land’s high-class urban standards.

According to BV Land, the new urban area west of Dinh Tri will become the second project under the Bavella brand. This is a chain of urban areas with an area of fewer than 20 hectares developed by BV Land, including high-quality housing products, trade services, landscapes, parks, amusement parks, and infrastructure, giving residents not only a house but also a comfortable and classy living space, which is a highlight for the surrounding areas.

BV Land commits that, in addition to focusing on investment in design and completion quality, the Company will focus on accelerating the construction progress of projects in the fastest time to ensure the handover schedule to customers. In the first Bavella project at Vu The Lang Street, Viet Tri, Phu Tho (Bavella Lac Ngan), the Company completed and handed over the entire available infrastructure and housing in just 7 months. Bavella Lac Ngan is currently the most outstanding project in terms of quality and landscape in Viet Tri-city.

BV Land is the spearhead company implementing real estate projects of BV Group. In addition to Bavella projects – branded as a small and medium urban areas; the Company is also developing a brand of a high-class apartment complexes, as well as trade and services projects, branded Diamond Hill. The first Diamond Hill project at Hoang Quoc Viet street, Bac Giang city has just finished the 18-storey tower, tower B, on 30 November , 2021, after only 8 months of construction.

In 2022, BV Land plans to deploy at least 2 to 3 more Bavella-branded urban areas in the northern provinces.

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