(TBTCO) – BV Land Joint Stock Company (stock code BVL) has completed the first merger and acquisition deal in 2022 and built a breakthrough growth plan in 2022, affirming its position as a real estate enterprise with a lot of potential on the stock exchange.

The first leap in 2022

BV Land has just completed the procedure of issuing more than 34.2 million BVL shares to swap shares of Lilama Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Lilama Invest) at the ratio of 1:1. With this ratio, one Lilama Invest share will be exchanged for 1 BVL share.

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Lilama Invest, formerly a member of Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation (Lilama), was established in 2003 and became a member unit of BV Group in 2016 by Lilama Corporation divesting capital. Lilama Invest is the investor of many real estate projects, including projects, upon completion, bring a modern and spacious urban appearance to localities such as Nam Dong Ma, Tram Sao urban area, Bavella Lac Ngan urban area in Viet Tri city (Phu Tho).

BV Land is an enterprise of Bach Viet Group (BV Group) that was established in 2008 with the main business of construction and installation. In 2020, BV Land was restructured to become a spearhead unit specializing in implementing BV Group’s real estate projects. Inheriting the capabilities and experience of BV Group through successful projects such as Bach Viet Lake Garden urban area, BV Areca Garden apartment building, Rivera Park complex, etc. BV Land has been asserting its brand as a specialized investor with high-quality products and services. In 2021, BV Land became a public company and traded securities with the stock code as BVL on UpCom from June 11, 2021.

After completing the procedures to increase capital through the issuance of preferred shares for employees ESOP and M&A with Lilama Invest, the charter capital of BV Land increased to over VND 573 billion, as indicated by market capitalization on the 24th. On 1 January, 2022, it reached over VND 2,800 billion. The company plans to continue to raise capital and list it on the HSX in the near future.

New stature and ambitious plans

In 2021, despite facing a difficult epidemic situation, BV Land’s business activities achieved an outstanding growth rate. Regarding the merging results, BVL’s revenue reached VND 599.62 billion, up 192% compared to 2020; profits reached VND 30,059 billion, an increase of 294% compared to 2020. This is an extremely impressive business result for a business that became a public company less than a year ago.

Based on the internal resources and combined strength of the two businesses, the growth rate of BV Land in 2022 and the following years is expected to make a sharp breakthrough.

BV Land’s Board of Directors has just approved the 2022 plan to submit to the general meeting of shareholders with expected revenue of 1,866.8 billion (up 311%) and an expected profit of 140.5 billion (up 467% compared to the results of the year 2021). This is a breakthrough growth rate, but the Board of Directors of BV Land confidently completed and is determined to exceed the plan.

The basis for an ambitious growth plan and confidence is that the two real estate projects of BV Bavella Lac Ngan and the high-end real estate complex BV Diamond Hill will be handed over to customers in 2022. Currently, Bavella Lac Ngan urban area in Viet Tri city has been completed and handed over to the government after only 7 months of construction and has been granted a red book. Meanwhile, BV Diamond Hill real estate complex in Bac Giang city has topped off both 18 and 25-storey buildings after only 8 months of construction, the shophouse, and the basic landscape have been completed.

Besides, after the merger the BV Land group will have many new projects under development in many localities. Examples of such projects are the Arecas urban area with an area of ​​41 hectares in Hoai Duc, Hanoi, the Bavella Dinh Tri urban area in Bac Giang city with an area of ​​12.5 hectares, and Thanh Ba urban area, in Phu Tho which has a scale of 22.5 hectares. BV Land has also developed a five-year plan from 2022-2026 with impressive growth targets.

With implemented business activities and set plans, BV Land is gradually asserting itself a new stature, ready to continue to rise and reach out more in the coming time to become the most prestigious and professional real estate developer in the real estate market.