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Corporate culture

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Typical culture at BV Land

Corporate culture

BV Land is determined to become a Company with excellent working conditions - where every working position is guaranteed to be comfortable, clean and safe; where work is dominated by a spirit of responsibility, cooperation and mutual respect; where people are free to develop and innovate so that each member feels proud to contribute a part to the sustainable and lasting development of the Company.

Be proactive

Every Bver needs to be proactive and always proactive

With myself

Proactively learn and develop, have plans and foresight.

With work

Proactively solve, accomplish the best and be even better.

With colleagues

Proactively cooperate, support and engage.

With Family and community

Actively love, share and help.


Each Bach Viet person needs to always be aware of supporting each other to complete their work and the work of the whole
- Ready to support and coordinate.
- Enthusiastically guide and help.
- Listen and respect.
- Work together, reach the finish line together


Commitment is the promise to achieve a certain goal and never give up on the goal under any circumstances.

With the company

Expressed in principled commitments to
- Staff
- Investors and partners
- Customers and Community

With leadership/management

- Adhering to and promoting the Company's business philosophy, core values and principled commitments.
- Implement the Company's goals and commitments to the Company
- Assigning and arranging tasks must be to the right person and the right job
- Be an example


Professionalism is reflected in Style - Attitude - Professionalism


- Dress and communicate appropriately for the audience and situation
- Behave politely and civilly, according to your work position
- Quick, decisive and decisive in work
- Neat and clean working space according to 5S standards


- Progressive, proactive in learning and updating.
- Be cheerful, gentle and respectful to everyone.
- Seek advice and listen to other people's opinions.
- Be positive and always make efforts at work.


Understand and always comply with Company rules, regulations and laws.