BV Land (stock code: BVL) announced business results in 2021 with impressive growth.

Accordingly, in the fourth quarter of 2021, BV Land achieved a revenue of VND 99.6 billion, up to 430% over the same period in 2020. During the period of 2020, the quarterly profit was recorded to have a sharp increase of up to 11.2 times (1,120%) over the same period. In 2021, the parent company BV Land’s revenue is 322.96 billion dong, increasing 750% compared to 2020. 2021’s profit was 32.43 billion dong, up to 595% compared to 2020.

Regarding the consolidated results, BVL’s revenue reached VND 599.62 billion, increasing 191% compared to 2020; profits reached 30 billion dong, increasing 282% compared to 2020. This is an extremely impressive business result for a business that has just become a public company in less than a year.

In 2021, the economic sectors in general and especially the real estate sector, in particular, has been heavily affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses had to adjust their plans and targets and applied many solutions to adapt to the specific situation. However, the Board of Directors of BV Land still strives to maintain the target set at the beginning of the year. Through the reporting periods, BV Land’s business indicators have reached and exceeded the planned values. In terms of revenue, parent company BV Land achieved a 104% increase with regard to the year plan; profit after tax exceeded a 204% increase with regard to the planned values.

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BVL: Illustration of the strong growth in revenue and profit