On Saturday morning, June 25, 2022, the “Real estate investment: process overview, basic legal framework and evaluation of investment efficiency ” training course was held at the company’s headquarters. The internal lecturers were Mr. Tran Trong Phuc & Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh (Investment professionals) along with the participation of all office staff.


The course had a lively atmosphere and received generous support from the staff. After the training session, participants had an overview of the legal processes and procedures of real estate investment. Therefore, they are now able to control the implementation of investment procedures and comprehend the roles & responsibilities of different Departments in the process of implementing a project. At the same time, all staff also have basic knowledge in regards to the process of personal real estate investment and are able to take the initiative in all work to evaluate the effectiveness of the project which helps to limit possible risks.

Following the slogan “Humans are always at the core of every activity and the company strives to become one of the companies with the best working environment”, the Group always focuses on training and developing human resources. In 2022, with the theme “CHANGE – THAY ĐỔI”, internal training has become a main ethos with the purpose of enhancing and improving staff’s knowledge and meeting the Group’s development goals. Besides training courses for managers, those for employees will continue to be implemented in the future.