On the morning of September 18, 2022, Bach Viet Group (BV Group) delivered the Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets (red book) to residents in the urban area BV Bavella Lac Ngan, Viet Tri, Phu Tho. The representatives of the investor, a large number of future residents, real estate investors and visitors attended the event.


It is said that for building projects, in addition to transparency of legal documents, quality assurance, and construction progress as committed, the delivery of land use right certificates to customers on time is a guarantee of the investor’s credibility.

Officially opened for sale at the beginning of December 2021, Bavella Lac Ngan Urban Area continues to bring joy to customers, especially when handing over the red books to the new owners.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ly Tuan Anh – Deputy General Director of BV Group, representative of the investor said: “Since the handover of the site, the Bavella Lac Ngan BV project has been initiated and completed, handing over infrastructure to Viet Tri City within 7 months. At the same time, under 12 months from the time of commencement of construction, the project has finalized the legal processes and is eligible to issue land use right certificates for residents. These numbers affirm the commitment, reputation and responsibility of BV Group.” Mr. Ly Tuan Anh – Deputy General Director of BV Group said at the ceremony.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – owner of the adjacent apartment 06-08, the first customer to receive the red book at Bavella Lac Ngan Hospital, shared: “Red books are considered the most valuable asset of each person, each family. I am very happy to hold the land use right certificate, officially certifying my family’s legal ownership of the house in Bavella Lac Ngan BV urban area. There is a saying, “settle down with a house then a job”. I feel more and more secure with the commitment and professional investment of BV Group.”

BV Bavella Lac Ngan is invested and developed by two member companies of BV Group, named Lilama Invest and BV Land. Currently, the project has completed its financial obligations to the State agency and handed over the infrastructure to Viet Tri City for management, so customers can be completely assured in the administrative procedures and implementation of ownership certificate.

This also proves the dedication and prestige of the BV Group brand in creating quality real estate products in the market. Not only does it invest in modern and sustainable quality products, but BV Group always ensures the construction progress and most importantly, the legal procedures are always transparent and complete.

BV Bavella Lac Ngan has an area of 6.31 ha, located in the center of Viet Tri city. The urban area is arranged with a system of duplex, single-family villas and semi-detached houses all with modern Japanese design style and combined with green, sophisticated and luxurious architectural space.

Before launching the Bavella Lac Ngan urban area, the investor of BV Group with more than 10 years of experience has affirmed its mark in the Northern real estate market, in which the Bavella Lac Ngan urban area was created as a green, clean, beautiful and modern model of urban space in Phu Tho.