On August 17, 2022, the Police Department of Fire and Rescue, Bac Giang Provincial Police, approved the fire prevention & fighting plan for the high-class real estate complex BV Diamond Hill. It is considered a vital element for the residents living there, to ensure a safe life.

High-class real estate complex BV Diamond Hill (Bac Giang)

BV Diamond Hill is a high-class real estate complex invested in and developed by BV Land. In a short time, with a high sense of focus on responsibility and quality, BV Land has seriously and drastically deployed measures in order to complete the goals. In particular, they quickly installed a system of fire protection equipment and solutions to ensure safety in regards to preventing fire or explosion for residents.

Based on the design approval documents on fire prevention & fighting and the field test results, the Police Department of Fire and Rescue, Bac Giang Provincial Police officially accepted all the fire prevention & fighting measures of the project including Fire safety distance; Ways for firefighting; Fire prevention solutions; Anti-smoke system; Fire-Exits; Anti-lightning system; Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System; Exit & Emergency lighting system; Automatic fire alarm system; Fire fighting water supply system inside and outside the house combined with automatic Sprinkler system; fire-fighting equipment, etc.

Mr. Ly Tuan Anh, General Director of BV Land said: “BV Diamond Hill complex has been fully invested with modern fire protection measures and facilities to ensure a safe life for residents. This confirms the prestige and quality of BV Land’s projects.”

Fire prevention & fighting plays a crucial role in our lives. Successfully implementing fire prevention & fighting is protecting life and property as well as keeping peace and happiness for all residents. More than ever, BV Land is fully aware of the role and importance of fire prevention & fighting. With the concentration on quality, convenience and people’s safety, the assurance of equipment, the number of staff and material conditions at the projects is effectively implemented by BV Land, compliance with the standards of the State on fire prevention & fighting.

BV Land’s houses are strictly regulated and tested for fire protection before handing over to residents for use. Thus, contributing to building trust and reputation so that residents can safely choose to live in projects invested in by BV Land.