BV Diamond Hill in Bac Giang has used nearly 60% of the area in their project for trees and water surfaces and has agreed with leading brands in construction and landscape design to commit to implementing green living standards.

Green urban development in developing cities

In the transformation of new urban areas, the green living trend not only overflows in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, which has a large population density and limited land fund but also quickly appears in the provincial-level markets, becoming the first choice of home buyers.’s Real Estate Consumer Sentiment Report recently published recognizes a change in the criteria for choosing to buy a potential property of Vietnamese homebuyers. Many new criteria appear and are given more importance.

Specifically, according to data from the report, three-fifths of survey respondents said they had higher requirements for living space after the epidemic, although they did not attach too much importance to this factor before. 61% of homebuyers wanted their home to have a green campus, a garden, and a river.

BV Diamond Hill is an international green standard project in Bac Giang city (Photo: Perspective of BV Diamond Hill project)

Another criterion that many Vietnamese homebuyers are interested in is that 49% of buyers want the property to have a garden and sports area, and the house must have natural light and ventilation. The survey showed that the need to find green living space after Covid-19 is increasing, especially in the context of pollution and awareness of the importance of health after a period of social distancing.

Changes in homebuyers’ choices also lead to changes in the market’s real estate development orientation. In the local market, typically in Bac Giang, a well-planned urban area with a high-class green utility ecosystem quickly attracts the attention of buyers. Accordingly, since its launch, BV Diamond Hill has received a positive reception from the market. Tower A of this project, launched not long ago, has officially become a product with quick liquidity ratio thanks to its location in the center of Bac Giang city, meeting the standards of a green and luxurious lifestyle.



High-class green lifestyle at BV Diamond Hill

True green living has been standardized at BV Diamond Hill. BV Land Investor cooperated with the design brand Swan & Maclaren – Asia’s leading brand from Singapore, a country famous for international standard green buildings. Swan & Maclaren is the “guarantee” for the standard criteria of green building quality.

Moreover, BV Land also cooperates with Ego Group, a landscape architecture company from Italy. All aspects are carefully calculated and arranged to ensure optimal green space in every area.

According to the investor, up to 58% of BV Diamond Hill’s area is taken up by trees and water surfaces. Besides enjoying the best utility service in the four podium shophouses, residents of BV Diamond Hill can experience the “forest in the street”, where the green space is covered from the tower to each outdoor utility item, such as the central park, square, and lake landscape. All walking paths are designed with trees and flowers. The architects carefully calculated the selection of trees, flowers, and landscape connectivity for the living space at BV Diamond Hill. Living a resort-like lifestyle will no longer be a dream for the people of Bac Giang, when BV Diamond Hill really brings a different life: fuller and happier.


A resort-like life at BV Diamond Hill (Photo: Perspective of BV Diamond Hill project)

Soon, BV Diamond Hill will bring to the real estate market more than 100 luxury apartments with green living standards in tower B. The focus of these apartments is the advantage of the direct view towards the park and city. If customers buy a house at this time, they will receive an interest-free loan of 70% of the apartment price for the first 12 months and only need the initial financing of 299 million VND. The first 30 customers will even receive an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Sales policy gives special incentives to customers with good financial ability. Specifically, customers who pay 95% of the apartment value up front with their capital within ten days of signing the purchase contract will get a discount of 2.3%. Customers who make partial payments in advance with their capital will get a discount rate of 8.5% per year on the amount and number of days of early payment. In addition, customers who buy two or more apartments or who have relatives buying apartments will receive a preferential discount of 1%.