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general introduction

With a superior and distinctive style, filled with the breath of the times, BV Diamond Hill is a remarkable living project designed for dynamic urban dwellers who love nature and life.

Situated in the "diamond" location in the city of Bac Giang, the project symbolizes prosperity and luck, modernity and luxury, personality and elegance, prosperity and sustainability for a life that converges the finest values of the region.


BV Diamond Hill
BV Bach Viet Twin Towers


BV Invest Joint Stock Company

Project developer

BV Land Joint Stock Company

Project scale

2 apartment building & 3 block shophouse

floor area

2,5 ha


Diamond location

Located in a prime 'diamond' position with four facades, adjacent to major traffic routes such as Hoang Quoc Viet, Luong The Vinh, Chu Danh Te streets, BV Diamond Hill stands as the focal point, welcoming a abundant source of prosperity and initiating a prosperous life for its esteemed residents.

Furthermore, BV Diamond Hill is closely connected to the financial hub Hoang Van Thu, often referred to as the 'Wall Street' of Bac Giang, boasting a network of banks, financial institutions, and government offices. This enables residents to seamlessly integrate into a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle. Not only that, this project is also positioned in the heart of an upscale neighborhood, where the cultural elite gather, promoting relationships, business partnerships, and laying a crucial foundation for the development of future generations.

From BV Diamond Hill, a mere 5-minute commute opens up access to a comprehensive network of banks, hospitals, schools, parks, shopping centers, catering to and satisfying every need for healthcare, education, work, and entertainment.


Sensitivity in addressing the needs of modern-day customers, BV Diamond Hill has been crafting a sophisticated lifestyle, promoting physical well-being and spiritual refinement. Future residents will have the opportunity to experience a comprehensive system of 50 high-end amenities for an exceptional quality of life, including: scenic lakes, Sky Garden, infinity pool, communal spaces, children's play area, Sky Pool Bar, and more. Particularly notable is the exclusive 5-star service chain catering to every need, from leisure and entertainment to healthcare and gastronomy, satisfying the luxury indulgence cravings of the upper class.

architectural drawing

site plan

Apartment in Building A

  • Two-bedroom apartment
  • Three-bedroom apartment

Apartment in Building B

  • Three-bedroom apartment 1
  • Three-bedroom apartment 2
  • Two-bedroom apartment 1
  • Two-bedroom apartment 2

Shophouse at the base

  • Level 1 building A
  • Level 2 building A
  • Level 1 building B
  • Level 2 building B

Adjacent shophouse

  • LK 1.1
  • LK 1.2 - 1.8
  • LK 1.9
  • LK 2.1
  • LK 2.2 - 2.7
  • LK 2.8
  • LK 3.1
  • LK 3.2 - 3.7
  • LK 3.8
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